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Purchase loans

When it comes to purchase loans, there are two big issues. The first is doing a prequalification, so when you are ready to make an offer, the sellers know you are serious about buying. We can provide that letter for you. Secondly, making the closing date is vital for you the buyer, but also the seller, realtor, title company, moving company etc.   We know how to make the closing date work and complete the underwriting, inspections, appraisals that need to be done.


We will prioritize the closing date

We guide you thru the entire purchase process, from prequalification to closing to servicing your loan. 

We will help you with finding the right product from the right down payment, interest rate and terms that fit your financial needs.

Suburb Houses

Down payments can range from 3% to 20% or more down.    We can also do FHA loans for those that don’t quite fit in to normal conventional loan products.

For conventional loans, you can get a fixed rate loan with 30, 25, 20, 15 or 10-year terms depending on your needs.  If you choose a shorter-term loan, your rate will be lower, but your payments will be higher.


Trident uses over 10 lenders which allows me to shop for the best rate/closing costs for your needs.  Banks won’t do that.  My lenders compete for your business, and I work for you to get the best rate/terms.


Select the Apply here button and start your pre-qualification or purchase loan process.


If you have questions, you can reach me at (309) 642 0008 or email me at any day of the week.


There are several things to consider whether it makes sense to refinance.    The important questions are:


  1. Do I want to just refinance my balance?

  2. Do I want a shorter term/lower rate?

  3. Do I need cash out?

  4. What are my savings if I refinance?

  5. What are the closing costs?

  6. Can I roll in the costs of the loan?

  7. Does it make it worth it to refinance?

  8. Do I get to “skip” a payment?


I can answer these questions and provide you the information to make an informed decision.   


Select the Apply here button and start your refinance process or you can reach me at

(309) 642 0008 or email me at

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